I accept Paypal for worldwide payments. All prices and payments are in Euros, Paypal will convert the currency for you if needed.

For EU customers bank transfer is also offered, the order will be sent after the payment is recieved. Most EU transfers arrive on my account immediately (SEPA instant credit transfer).

If you need alternative payment methods, feel free to contact me at

Value added tax

24% VAT is charged on the products and shipping costs for all orders within the European Union. The tax amount is shown on product pages and during checkout.

Orders outside the EU may be subject to duties and taxes, if so these will be charged by your own goverment or customs authority.

Deliveries to the United Kingdom

Unfortunately at this point I cannot accept orders to consumers in the UK, except for large orders above GBP 135. Since January 1st, 2021 the UK requires foreign sellers to register for VAT in the UK. I have yet to evaluate what the exact requirements are, and if this extra administrative burden is sensible for me as a small business. In the meantime, please consider ordering from one of my distributers around the world. The following currently offer UK shipping:

Commercial customers with a valid UK VAT number can order without restrictions, and consumers can order if the total value (excluding shipping) exceeds 135 pounds. In both of these cases, please contact me at to place your order. You will have to declare the goods and pay VAT yourself when they arrive to the UK (just like all other customers outside the EU have to pay duties and taxes when importing goods).

If a business in the UK is interested in reselling my PCBs and panels, please contact me.

Intra-community supply

For EU business with a valid EU VAT number, products can be sold at 0% VAT rate using intra-community supply. For this option, please write your company name and VAT ID in the appropriate fields, and choose bank transfer as payment option. I will verify the VAT ID before processing the order.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask via email at! If you have any problems with the online shop, please let me know so I can fix them. You can also always order by email, just send me the products you want and I will send you a Paypal invoice for the products.

Thanks for shopping here!