Voltage controlled wavefolder with overdrive and integrated VCA

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Use additive synthesis to create a rich spectrum of timbres including smooth baselines, gnarly leads, or just total mayhem.

Based on a series of simple transistor stages, the Wavefolder adds gentle harmonics to an incoming sine or triangle wave, by "folding over" the tops of the waves. The amound of folding is controlled by a big knob, as well as an adjustable CV input to create dynamics. The Odd/Even symmetry control adjusts the harmonic content between hollower and more full sounds.

The Wavefolder core is fed to an overdrive circuit, which adds punch to the output if desired. At extreme settings, the overdrive creates rounded-off square waves for an aggressive but not harsh sound.

The final stage is a built-in VCA, such that combined with a sine or triangle VCO the Wavefolder forms a complete synth voice. The circuit is fully through-hole, and has expansion points for additional modulation inputs including symmetry CV.

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Inputs: Signal in, Fold CV, VCA CV
Outputs: Signal out
Controls: Fold, Odd/Even symmetry, distortion, Fold CV amount, VCA CV amount
Build specs
Soldering: THT
PCB: Single PCB
Pots: Alpha 9mm pots
Jacks: Thonkiconn
Size: 8hp Eurorack format

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