Voltage controlled CV processor and modulation source

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The versitale Slope module is voltage controlled slew limiter and modulation source, inspired by the legendary Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator.

This module is a single slope generator in a compact 8hp Eurorack format, using only through-hole components.

In addition to the basic slew limiter functionality, this module has extra controls to make it a versatile modulation source. The loop switch turns the module into an oscillator covering minute-long LFO cycles up to kHz range; the gate input and sustain control make it a voltage-controlled ADSR envelope generator; and the end-of-rise and end-of-cycle outputs enable voltage controlled pulse timing functions. The rise and fall sections have independent shape controls that can vary between exponential growth, linear and exponential decay (sometimes called log) shapes.

Build documentation

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Outputs: signal out, end-of-rise gate, end-of-fall gate
Inputs: signal in, gate/trigger in, rise CV, fall CV
Controls: rise and fall time, rise and fall CV amount (attenuverters), rise and fall shape, sustain, loop switch
Build specs
Soldering: THT only
PCB: Dual PCB stack
Pots: Alpha 9mm pots
Jacks: Thonkiconn
Size: 8hp Eurorack format

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